Wednesday, 24 August 2011

USB Startup Disks

The Create Start Disk application that comes with a standard install of Ubuntu is great for creating start images of the host OS, but what if you want to try another distro?

If, like me, you find that the embedded application is unwilling to create a start disk for other distros or even other flavours of Ubuntu, install the KDE Startup Disk Creator: it's much more forgiving!

You'll find the app in the Ubuntu Software Centre or, in a terminal, type:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-kde

The application window has a familiar appearance and the application installs to the System Tools menu by default. Operation is simple: download your .iso file (and check the integrity of the download), match it to your USB stick and click the Make a Startup Disk button.

I created my first USB startup disk this week with a spare 1.0GB thumb drive that I had lying around: the addition of an Ubuntu logo sticker gives it some extra appeal.

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