Monday, 29 August 2011

Kubuntu 11.04 on Inspiron 6400

I've been so impressed with Kubuntu that I'm installing Kubuntu 11.04 on my DELL Inspiron 6400 - the installation process worked flawlessly, but, once I'd restarted my machine, I couldn't log in!

Taking a couple of deep breaths and bringing my mounting panic under control, I realized that I had to select a desktop to log into! Below the user name & password dialog boxes, there are two buttons (one to shutdown the machine, and another to select a desktop session): the three options are default, plasma, and failsafe. Selecting the Plasma option logged me into Kubuntu.

First panic over - now all I have to do is:

  1. Apply the updates
  2. Get my wireless card working.
  3. Mount my shared drive and apply the shutdown fix.
  4. Install & configure Opera
  5. Install & configure Thunderbird
  6. Install & configure KeePassX...

Well, you get the idea...

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