Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wallpaper of the Month - Inspiron 6400

I was lucky enough to be marshalling for (but not lucky enough to be participating in) the Oggie 8 at the weekend, so an excellent excuse to get into the hills in the morning. It was also an excellent excuse to change the desktop on the Inspiron 6400!

This is The Cannon on Tryfan, one of the iconic rocks in the Ogwen Valley and I've always found it to be a magical place. As I was alone when I took the photo, you get no sense of scale: this is a dramatic shard of rock that can be see from the valley floor but it is oddly comforting to reach it when you're climbing in claggy conditions.

Anyway, good things seem to happen to me on Tryfan, and this will be a reminder of a fabulous day and a special person while I struggle to get through the next eight days!

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