Monday, 17 January 2011


I've been enjoying my new laptop: not only is it more convenient to use in bed than my Dimension 8400, but it has also been useful for keeping my newly acquired Ubuntu skills sharp!

Of course, the Ubuntu operating system makes this a fabulous addition to my network and it runs like a champ under Linux. It's a shame then, that the Windows stickers are a constant reminder of the machine's unfortunate legacy - until now, that is!

I've just pimped my ride with some bling to give the laptop a more "open source" feel:

This "powered by Ubuntu" sticker comes from system 76 and can be yours for the cost of a self-addressed (and stamped) envelope! Honestly, it won't cost you a penny (other than the cost of the stamp and the envelope) and it looks so much better than that old Vista sticker. Follow the link for your local office address.

You can, for a small price, buy some case stickers from the Canonical Store.

These do cost £1.75 plus VAT, so it's not as cheap as the system 76 offering and Canonical insist on sending them by registered post, so the cost escalates rapidly! However, you get three sheets and the cost is still under a tenner per order (delivered to me in the UK, anyway)!

If I lived in the USA, I'd also get a sticker to cover the Windows logo on the Windows key but unfortunately, they're not available in the UK. I guess that the legacy will never truly die!


  1. A pity Mint doesn't have a similar offer. I may just have to break down and pay a large fee for one. ;)

    Which reminds me, I may have a go at the latest Ubuntu since it appears the latest incarnation fixed my video driver problem.

  2. Just a word of caution, breley; video is still a problem for me in the latest incarnation of Ubuntu. I will need to change my graphics card in the 8400 before I can upgrade and I won't be able to afford that for a month or so.

    It's worth checking that your box can handle the graphics requirement of Ubuntu 10+