Tuesday, 21 February 2012

You [Don't] Have Mail

I'm rebuilding my desktop (don't ask) and, after re-installing Opera, I suffered the following error message when starting the application:

"Error While Initializing Mail There was a problem initializing Opera Mail. Not possible to run old Opera version with new Opera mail files."

A simple fix (if you don't use Opera mail!) is to delete the Opera Mail directory. Simply navigate to /home/[username]/.opera and delete the mail directory.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I know that there are not a lot of people who read this blog (at least, not regular readers), but I feel that I should apologize to the few that do for the hiatus in posts!

The last four or five months have been an interesting time for me and blogging has been fairly low on my list of priorities. For a start, I find myself single for the first time in nearly quarter of a century: that's a fairly tough place to be, particularly when you aren't expecting it!

On a brighter note, I started a new job in November and it's turning into more than I could ever have hoped for: I actually enjoy getting up at 05:00 to go to work!

I don't suppose that I'm going to be posting as much as I did during the first part of last year, but I hope to get back to more regular updates about my exploits with open-source. So, all that remains for the moment is to wish everyone a happy New Year (yes, I know it's February) and promise to try harder.