Monday, 15 August 2011

Sharing Your Tellico Database Across Multiple Machines

Recently I managed to share my KeePassX database with all the Linux machines on my network - another program that I use regularly and have always wanted to synchronize with my laptops is, Tellico and now that I've mounted my network drive permanently, I've finally got around to adding this functionality.

Tellico does allow you to open a remote file using Samba, but, for some reason, I can't get the program to remember my Samba password and end up with an error message every time I try to open the database. The following instructions describe how I use my permanently mounted smbfs share to access a central database, circumventing the need for my Samba password.

  • From Tellico's main menu, click File & then Open...
  • When the Open File - Tellico dialog appears, right-click the Places bar & click Add Entry...

  • Enter a label and location for your mounted network drive in the appropriate dialog boxes. If you followed these instructions to create your mountpoint, the location is likely to be in the form of: /media/mount_name/directory/file

  • Click OK & then, after selecting the network file, Open

Using a permanently mounted smbfs share turns out to be a great way of making sure that you're always using current data regardless of the machine you happen to be using.

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