Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kubuntu - I Think It's Love

A couple of days ago I resumed my search for a suitable alternative to Unity. Whilst I haven't given up entirely on the possibility that, post-Lucid, Canonical's latest user interface will be my choice of desktop environment, I thought that it wouldn't hurt to be prepared for the worst.

If I'm honest, I've led a pretty sheltered Linux existence and I've only ever used two Linux desktop environments: Gnome & Unity. This inexperience coupled with my continued ambivalence towards the latest incarnation of Ubuntu, seemed like the perfect opportunity to take Mark Shuttleworth's advice and give one of the other DEs a peek. So, for no better reason than not knowing any better, I decided to start with Kubuntu.

I think that it might be love.

Sure, I've had some early issues to deal with, but Kubuntu 10.04 is running contentedly on my DELL Inspiron 1501 and the environment can only be described as, beautiful - I'm already considering migrating my two stable machines to the interface!

If you haven't experienced KDE, it's well worth downloading an image and creating a startup disk.

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