Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Opera Browser - Multiple Home Pages

If you want Opera to open with multiple start (home) pages, the solution is easy:

  1. Open all the pages you want to start when Opera is opened and make sure that any others (that you don't want to open when Opera starts) are closed.
  2. Click the Opera Menu button & select the Tabs and Windows option.

  3. Select the Sessions option and then the Save this session... option.
  4. In the Save session dialog, provide a name for your session (e.g. home or home pages) and check the Show these tabs and windows every time I start Opera check box.

  5. Click the OK button.

That's it! You can even use Speed Dial as one of your home pages using sessions.

Hint: the pages open in the same tab order as they are saved, so, if you have a preference for the page order, drag your tabs into the order that you want them to open before saving your session.

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