Thursday, 21 July 2011

Clear Line of SciTE

Recently I mentioned that I was using SciTE to draft my blog posts. This deceptively simple program is invaluable and one of the first apps that I load if I've updated or changed my OS. However, unlike many applications, there is no preferences options in the menu bar where users set their default options such as their preferred language. In order to change these options, users must edit the global options file.

As I use SciTE mainly for drafting and reviewing blog posts, I've changed my default language to html and turned on the line-wrapping function. To make changes to the global options file, open a terminal and type:

sudo gedit /usr/share/scite/

Enter your password at the prompt and the file will open in the gedit text editor.

To change the default (programming) language, open a search dialog (Ctrl + F) and type:


and change the .cxx extension to the language of choice (mine is .html). SciTE can manage over thirty programming languages, so there should be one to suit your needs!

To turn on the line-wrapping function, type (in a search dialog):


change the # wrap=1 to read wrap=1 (that is, simply remove the comment tag).

Save and close the global options file and reopen SciTE for your changes to take effect.

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