Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fontconfig Error

I've finally got around to solving a puzzle in the terminal on my 8400. Whenever I opened an xml file for editing using the command line, I would get the following error message:

"~/.fonts.conf", lne 1: xml declaration not well-formed

As it's never stopped me from working, I've never really paid much attention to the message, but, as I had some time to spare today, I thought I'd see if I could work out what the it was telling me. Actually, it turned out that getting rid of this irritating error message was quite simple.

Opening the ~/.fonts.conf file from the command line (& receiving the usual error!):

sudo gedit /home/jogga/.fonts.conf

revealed that the quotation marks that define the variables in the file were of the wrong type - simply changing the double quotation marks (by deleting the existing marks and replacing them using the Shift + 2 keys) and rebooting the system was all that was required!

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