Monday, 6 June 2011

Blogilo - Update - Update

I finally abandoned my Blogilo experiment. The truth is that it's just as easy to use Scite (or any other text editor that handles html) and preview your text in the browser of your choice. This is not so much a reflection on Blogilo, it's more in recognition that blogger doesn't accomodate all the app's nice features and the only thing that changes my tag attributes is me.

It's a simple work around if you don't want to use the web-based dashboard for drafting posts (especially if they're long posts!) but you do have to copy and paste the text into blogger's New Post dialog when you're ready to upload your text. Of course, Scite won't upload picture files but that's no disadvantage compared to Blogilo.

  1. Install Scite from the Ubuntu Software Centre.
  2. You can open Scite from the Programming menu or, if you prefer, move the shortcut to the location of your choice using the menu editor (Preferences > Main Menu).
  3. When you're drafting your text, make sure that your Language is set to HypertextF12.
  4. Save your draft (at any time) in the location of your choice with a .html file extension.
  5. To preview your draft, simply right-click your file in Nautilus and, from the Open With option, select your browser of choice.
  6. To update your preview, save the file in Scite and reload the tab in your browser.

Perhaps the preview isn't as pretty as it is in Blogilo, but it's certainly good enough for debugging text and working on your prose!

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