Sunday, 5 June 2011

Blogilo - Update


There's some good news and some bad news with regard to my Blogilo experiment. I did (eventually) manage to get Blogilo to upload and publish a draft post to blogger; however, blogger doesn't support media uploads (so, no image uploads from the program) and the program also has a strange (and irritating) habit of altering html tag contents; particularly span attributes.

The problem with uploading seems to be caused by broken html code and fixing tags seems to resolve the problem. However, Blogio doesn't seem to have a debugging mode, so fixing problems can be frustrating. That said, this is more a reflection of my ability rather than the program's and I suspect that practise would help!

Of course, I can always draft my posts in Blogilo and copy & paste the content to my blogger post editor (giving me the option to save a local copy) but, equally, I can use Scite and save the draft in as an html file (for previewing), so I'm not entirely convinced - yet!

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