Thursday, 28 April 2011

Giving the Lynx More Teeth

Last May I blogged on adding bluetooth functionality to my 6400 using a USB dongle. At the time, my Inspiron was running WinXP and the experiment was not a great success, hence the dongle found a new home plugged into my Ubuntu box where it proved to be a far better acquisition. However, despite protestations to the contrary, my Inspiron 6400 has now joined the Ubuntu family and I thought it time to revisit the problem.

The Inspiron 6400 is designed to house an integrated bluetooth adaptor but, for various reasons, I never specified a card when I bought the machine from DELL: however, retro-fitting the adaptor proves to be simple and (reasonably) cost effective. I found a suitable adaptor from a company called Justop.

The card is housed behind a cover in the battery compartment: simply remove the battery and then open the card-door. Behind the cover, you should find your cable (it's a good idea to make sure that this is installed before you order the part!): connect the adaptor and slide it into the rear of the cover.

Carefully, replace the adaptor cover and then the battery. Reboot and, if all's well, you should see your bluetooth indicator light up during the boot sequence.

Ironically, I use bluetooth to connect my Ubuntu machines to Windows mobile devices - oh well!

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