Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Office

I've been playing with LibreOffice.

To be honest, I don't have much of interest to say on the matter and that's probably because there is absolutely no difference (that I can discern) between LibreOffice and OpenOffice!

Ok, so there is some cosmetic difference in the opening splash screen, but take a look at the word processor applications:

Actually, it's not such a bad thing: after all, the fact that the two applications are so similar should make migrating to Libre from OpenOffice relatively painless! Moreover, it's easy to understand why the two should be virtually indistinguishable when one realizes that the OpenOffice.org has simply been renamed as “The Document Foundation” (source: OMG!Ubuntu!) and continued as if nothing much had happened!

However, there has been some development over the last week or so that has been of interest. OMG!Ubuntu! reports that work has begun on updating the icon set in LibreOffice and giving it a more "Ubuntu" feel: let's hope that the interface graphics can finally be brought into the twenty-first century and compete with some of the better known commercial packages.

As the demise of OpenOffice draws closer, it may be time to give LibreOffice a test run.

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