Sunday, 24 April 2011

Update Update

Now that my Meerkat issues have been resolved, it's time for an update on my OS updates!

Both Lucid and Maverick are running contentedly on my two laptops and the Inspiron 6400 just got a whole lot faster: the boot time of Lucid turns out to be over three minutes faster than my old XP installation and, surprisingly, Maverick takes about the same time on the 1501.

Computer (RAM) Operating System Network Connection Login Dialog Time (mm:ss) Total Boot Time (mm:ss)
DELL Dimension 8400 (3.0GB RAM - Desktop)Ubuntu 10.04 LTSEthernetc 00:3001:05.75
DELL Inspiron 1501
(1.0GB RAM - Laptop)
Ubuntu 10.10Wirelessc 00:3601:14.0
DELL Inspiron 530s
(3.0GB RAM - Desktop)
Win Vista Home Premium (SP2)Ethernetc 00:4502:02.75
DELL Inspiron 6400
(2.0GB RAM - Laptop)
Ubuntu 10.04 LTSWirelessc 00:4501:14.0

In fairness, I have made some other changes that affect the results:
  • I've migrated to Google's Chromium web browser on both my laptops, so that means that useful work is achieved faster than would otherwise (i.e. using Firefox) be the case.
  • Some of the Compiz eye candy (specifically window management and 3D/rotating cube) has not been restored on the 1501.

I confess that I'm amazed at how well Maverick is running on my old DELL Inspiron 1501: I wonder how Win7 would perform on the same platform.

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