Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mint Print

I've been constantly surprised delighted by Mint 16 - so delighted that all of my machines (with the exception of the Windows PC) are now running this fabulous Linux distro!

Today I had a need to print something: my normal printer hasn't had any ink cartridges for months (so infrequently do I print anything these days), so I thought I'd see if my old Photosmart 7660 could get me out of trouble. This printer is eleven years old and the later versions of Ubuntu always struggled to deliver consistent results and so, in all honesty, I really expected to be wasting my time: how wrong I was!

Plugging the printer in produced instant recognition: no fuss, no drama, and no struggle! Furthermore, the print quality was as good as when the printer was new and multiple prints are possible, something that I could never achieve when connecting it to Ubuntu.

Of course, next month I'll have to upgrade to Mint 17 (or downgrade to Mint 13) because 16 will no longer be supported. Let's hope that the new OS delivers similar excellent results.

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