Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fixing Firefox (Again)

OK, this isn't really a fix, more of a tweak!

My recent struggle to find and install an English UK dictionary/thesaurus in Open Office prompted me to pay more attention to the spell checker in Firefox. I have noticed when completing dialog (yes, I know that the English spell dialog as "dialogue" but this relates to computer dialogs!) boxes (or drafting blog posts) that Firefox checks my spelling for me: unfortunately, it checks my spelling in American English and not British English. Not to worry though, it's easy to fix this:
  • Nip off to the Firefox Dictionaries and Language Packs Add-Ons page and navigate to the English (British) Dictionary file link
  • Click Install Dictionary
  • Restart Firefox when prompted
  • In any dialog box, right-click and select Languages and check the English/United Kingdom option
You can also do this from a dialog box! Right-click anywhere in the dialog box and select Languages and then Add Dictionaries.... Then follow the above instructions to install and load your default language.

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