Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Indispensable Apps

Every time I install a new OS, I find myself reinstalling those indispensable applications that transform my computer from a dumb box into a powerful tool. Upgrading to 14.04 LTS this week has been no different and, for what it's worth, here are the apps that got loaded first:

  • Chromium Web browser - I just prefer this browser to Firefox. You'll need to install Flash Player to get the best out of this app, but that's pretty easy to achieve.
  • Bluefish text editor - I've written a couple of websites and drafted pretty much every blog post on Karmic Odyssey using this editor.
  • Shutter - the best screenshot tool available.
  • KeepassX (Password Manager) - this really is indispensable, all of my passwords are random and I've no hope of remembering them! I also use KeePass Droid on my phone.
  • Stellarium - this is a great application for identifying all of those stars and planets.
  • Tellico (Collection Manager) - satisfies my need for control over my library!
  • VLC Media Player - I'm sure that I don't need to justify this!
  • Ubuntu Tweak (GUI Configuration Tool) - handy tool for personalising your OS
  • Wine (Windows Emulator) - I need this to run Memory Map. It's pretty eccentric but it just about does the job (although I return to Vista if I need to print maps)

Of course, I'm still configuring my (beautiful) new OS. Here's a couple more applications on the install short list:

  • OpenOffice - this will wait until this year's tax return is finished but it will certainly replace the bundled LibreOffice.
  • GParted (Partition Manager) - just damn useful.

I'm sure that there are more that I've missed - perhaps I'll update this post from time-to-time.

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