Monday, 25 June 2012

Advancing in Full Retreat

One of the problems that I've been having with my server setup is accessing my network from the WAN-side of my new router. My original (default) setup worked superbly, but once I started to tweak the settings to improve security, the wheels came off quickly! My early investigation pointed toward a port forwarding issue, so I made the appropriate adjustments - no joy! Even restoring the default settings have had no effect. It seems that the router supplied by my new ISP is not immune from problems and port forwarding doesn't work.

Having spent several more hours on the problem again today, I finally decided to install my old router to see what, if any, effect it would have on my problem. Of course, I can't test the connection until I can get on a different network (and that will be tomorrow); but one unexpected and very welcome consequence is that I managed to connect my iPAQ to the network for the first time since moving house!

I know; the iPAQ is a relic, a legacy device that surely can't have much useful life left in it - but I'm still very fond of it, nonetheless!

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