Sunday, 6 March 2011

Seeking Closure

Recently, I suggested that, if you intend to use Avant Window Navigator (AWN) in place of Gnome-Panels, before deleting your panels, you should ensure that you have a method of rebooting and closing your system.

AWN does provide a Quit-Log out applet in the default install, but don't be lulled into believing that activating this applet is all that you need to do in order to shutdown or reboot from the AWN dockbar: this applet only exits or logs out of the session!

However, you can configure this applet to display the shutdown dialog.
  1. Activate the applet by starting the AWN Manager and selecting Applets from the left-hand menu. Scroll down to the Quit-Log out applet and click the Activate button.
  2. When the applet appears on the AWN dockbar, right-click the icon and select preferences.
  3. Change the command in the pop-up box to:

    gnome-session-save --shutdown-dialog

  4. Click the Close button.
Now, when you click the Quit-Log out applet icon on your AWN dockbar, you'll see the shut-down dialog.

If you want to reboot or shutdown before you have configured the button, just open a terminal and type:

sudo shutdown now

to shut your system down, or:

sudo shutdown -r now

to reboot.

By the way, you can change the applet's icon simply by dragging your chosen icon picture file onto the existing icon on the dockbar. This will trigger the Change icon? dialog box.
Make the appropriate choice from the three radio buttons and then click OK.

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