Thursday, 10 March 2011

Natty Changes in Karmic

In this post I mentioned that I'd been tweaking my boot and login screens. Here's the output of my labour:

These first three screen-grabs are actually from a virtualization (using VirtualBox) on Windows Vista but the customizations are the same as my laptop's.

This next screen-grab is actually from the laptop itself, running the following code in a terminal:

sudo xsplash

Using VirtualBox (something that is almost ridiculously easy!) to run Karmic allows not only screenshots but also desktop videocaps!

I used Windows because the Vista machine has plenty of memory and storage: the laptop would have struggled!

Sources & Resources

Artwork - Ubuntu Tribal Pack by Grovin Thewer

Virtual Box is available from Oracle (or the repositories)

Towheed Mohammed's customization instructions are available from here (.pdf) or from the Ubuntu Forums

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