Thursday, 24 February 2011

What a Difference an 'E' Makes

I bumped into my first problem with Lucid yesterday: Rhythmbox crashed (more accurately, closed) when I tried to rip a CD to my collection. Anyone who has followed my various battles with Samba and Rhythmbox will know that this program has given me more headaches than just about all the others put together and I confess that I had that sinking feeling when this happened last night.

It turns out that it's one of the plugins that's causing the difficulty. I'm not sure which one, I disabled them all and so far I've only re-enabled Cover Art and RhythmArty Browser (both seem to be working with no ill-effects). Ironically, I don't seem to miss the other plugins!

Anyway, while I was fixing Rhythmbox (again), I thought that I'd take the opportunity restore all the album art. Unlike Windows Media Player, Rhythmbox doesn't rip album art to the destination directory: you have to add it after ripping (extracting) the album. This is pretty painless as a rule and, in previous incarnations, a plugin such as Cover Art would do the hard yards for you. However, this plugin doesn't seem to work anymore so I've been adding the artwork manually. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the album cover to load despite renaming the artwork either Folder or AlbumArtSmall, both of which should have worked.

I confess that after a while I got a little frustrated and tried deleting (and rebuilding) the database - all to no effect. It turns out that I had been naming the album art incorrectly in the destination folder: the correct name is Folder.jpg and not Folder.jpeg!

One little 'e' - so much trouble!

Anyway, all fixed and now I can browse my albums by album covers!

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