Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Snap Happy!

Yesterday, the Guys over at OMG! Ubuntu! blogged on the release of the latest version of Shutter. Shutter is a screenshot tool and, as such, not something that I'd usually get terribly excited about: however, looking at OMG's description of this feature-rich application, I thought that I'd take a closer look (for obvious reasons, this is going to be a post with a lot of pictures!).

You can download from the Ubuntu Software Centre or from the Shutter Project Page.

After installation, you'll find Shutter in the Applications > Accessories Menu:

As you can see, Shutter takes screen-caps of cascading menus! However, this versatile application will also allow you to grab windows or even sections of windows and upload the capture to your online storage account directly from the user interface. One benefit of this versatility is that you can grab web pages without the accoutrements of your browser.

The application also gives you a session summary screen à la Firefox's ShowCase function.

You can force rounded window borders from the preferences menu and grabbing screencaps of panels is simplicity itself!

One of the really nice features is the ability to capture Tool Tips:

Just activate the relevant tip and wait for the capture delay - easy!

Reducing the need to edit screen-caps is great, but not content with their excellent application, the Project Team have included a built-in editor, accessible from the interface. This saves time on routine tasks such as cropping images or adding highlights, particularly if you use screencaps in your day-to-day blogging activities :)

I didn't think that it was possible to get excited about a screen capture tool - clearly, I was wrong!

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  1. It's better to install this from the package on the Project site: there appears to be a wider range of features than those available from the Ubuntu Software Centre.