Monday, 11 August 2014

Mint 17 Cinnamon & The DELL DIMENSION 8400

This month (August), my DELL Dimension 8400 is ten years old & it's getting a birthday present - a new operating system!

"I'm constantly amazed at how well Ubuntu runs on older equipment."

I had been running Mint 16 on the old box, but as this is no longer supported, it's time to see how well Mint 17 will run.

Installation was, as always, painless, although I can't install from a DVD on this box (it has to be a USB). I've also taken the opportunity to encrypt the /home directory & change my password. Now I've got to:

  • Install Samba & Winbind
  • Enable UFW
  • Install my Photosmart 7600 (yes, a 7600!) local printer & my Photosmart C6280 network printer
  • Install Chromium
  • Install Bluefish
  • Install Cairo-Dock

...well, you get the idea!

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