Thursday, 3 July 2014

The XP Conundrum - It Can Only Be Love

I probably over-thought my recent acknowledgement that Linux is unlikely to ever temp XP users: I think there's probably a simpler explanation than the difficulties of adopting open source!

Figures published by both Newmarketshare and Stat Counter suggest that XP is alive and well and has even (slightly) increased its market share month-on-month. Windows 7 is way out on its own with over 50% of the market and Win 8 seems to be the new Vista.

The picture in the UK is slightly more encouraging for Redmond with Win XP at just 7.4% of the market but Linux remains less than 2% of both world & UK markets.

So, it seems that users are simply refusing to abandon their beloved XP unless it's for Windows 7. So much for my theory!

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