Friday, 22 February 2013

More News From the Front

Last month I mentioned that my old DELL Inspiron 1501 had found a new home. Well today it's back....

...for an upgrade!

The new owner has over 600 music cd and wanted to get them onto his drive: the original 60GB drive was never going to cope with that lot (and the OS, files, pictures, etc) so we decided to plug in a new 250GB drive. Astonishingly, a replacement drive cost less than £40 with delivery! On the 1501, it's just five screws that secure the hard disk drive and swapping out the drive takes seconds. The hardware element went like clockwork and I'm sitting here reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04 and the latest patches before restoring the files and settings.

The only problem has been the usual tussle with the WiFi drivers, but that's now resolved so all is good. Tomorrow, the little Inspiron will go back to its new owner and he can rip his music collection!

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