Monday, 28 January 2013

Attaching Network Files to Thunderbird Email

A little problem that has vexed me for a while is attaching files from my file server to emails drafted on my desktop (or any other client device, for that matter). Even when I'd opened the network location in Nautilus, I couldn't see the shortcut in the Attach Files dialog in Thunderbird. It wasn't a huge issue, just one of those little niggles that got put on my to-do list a while back.

Actually, attaching network files to emails turns out to be an easy thing to achieve if you look for the files in the right place! Unlike permanent mounted directories (those that mount at boot), ad hoc navigation of network folders mounts the location in a virtual file system: to be specific, in Nautilus, it mounts the directory in the Gnome Virtual File System. So, assuming that you have mounted the directory in Nautilus, all you need to do is navigate to the home/[username]/.gvfs directory from Thunderbird's Attach File dialog and you should find your files right where you left them!

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