Wednesday, 4 May 2011

(Gnome) About Me

I've been playing around with Natty for a day or so and come across an interesting bug: my personal data disappeared every time I closed the About Me dialog. Starting the application from a terminal didn't provide any error messages or clues, nor did opening the dialog this way allow me to store my data!

It seems that the problem was caused because of my choice of mail client (Thunderbird): as my email configuration files were restored from my existing /home directory (on a separate partition from the root directory), I never bothered to configure the embedded mail client, Evolution - fortunately, the fix turns out to be very simple!

From the Unity Panel, click on the mail icon and select the Set Up Mail... option:

Complete the wizard but make sure that you uncheck the option to make Evolution your default mail client (unless, of course, you want Evolution to be your mail client). Close the wizard and then close Evolution (which opens when the wizard is closed). Now you should be able to add data to your About Me profile.

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