Monday, 7 June 2010

Before you blame the Equipment Revisited!

It seems that my analysis of my printer problems may have been flawed!

A few days ago I had six documents and three labels to print: all needed to be produced in a rush. Now, call me a cynic, but I can always guarantee that when I'm in a hurry, the bugs and problems will manifest themselves. So, urgent job and I can't get the printer to print more than one document at a time (if I can get it to print anything at all). Thinking that I've already solved the problem I try the cable (no joy), so I replace the cable (still no joy), in despair I turn to Google.

It seems that there is a known bug in the Karmic kernel when using the hplib utility for USB printers (it works fine with network printers). The solution turns out to be fairly simple:
  • Delete the USB printer from the HP Device Manager
  • From the System Menu, select Administration & PrintingSelect Printer from the New drop down menu and the utility will search for available printers.
  • When the printer dialog box appears, select your printer and then click on the Connection option (rhs)

  • Select, USB
  • Click the Forward button and follow the wizard
That's it!

The downside is that I can't use the hp Device Manager to monitor my ink levels or receive status messages: but at least I can print using my hp photosmart 7660 USB printer!

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